1. The term of renting photo equipment in BLACKFISH RENTAL is to make an electronic order on e-mail address: and to accept financial offer and to sign an agreement of renting equipment.
2. Order form:
• ordered equipment list
• date and hour of procuring and returning of equipment
• Ordering Person’s contact data
• Ordering Person’s VAT invoice data
• Ordering Person’s insurance data

3. Rent period is specified in the agreement, measured in days or photo period. Minimal time of rent is one day (24h), counted from hour of procuring the equipment.
4. The equipment is given to Ordering Person after signing the agreement of rent and acceptation of equipment’s technical state. Ordering Person is fully responsible of given equipment.
5. BLACKFISH RENTAL rents fully operational equipment and guarantees its proper functioning only when used appropriately to its purpose. In case of equipment error not of Ordering Person’s fault, BLACKFISH RENTAL will repair equipment on its own tab and will resign from charging rental fee. In case of any error, Ordering Person will deliver malfunctioning equipment to BLACKFISH RENTAL headquarters as quickly as possible.
6. Ordering Person is obliged to use the equipment in its appropriate purpose and properties, while maintaining every safety rule and not to do any harm to Renting Person.

7. Damages produced during use:
In case of damaging the equipment during usage by Ordering Person, He is obliged to inform BLACKFISH RENTAL about given incident without hesitation. In case of not not reporting resulted damages to BLACKFISH RENTAL during agreement time or during the return of equipment, BLACKFISH RENTAL may report those damages to Ordering Person during 24 hours from the moment of return of equipment. In both cases it is necessary to write a Damage Protocol.
• BLACKFISH RENTAL declares, that in case of not admitting caused damages by The Insurer, Ordering Persons will be fully responsible of taking care of any costs of repair resulting from misuse or wrong exploitation.
• In case of losing or damaging the equipment completely, Ordering Person is obliged to pay equivalency of missing equipment.
• In case of refusing to pay equivalency of equipment by The Insurer, Ordering Person is obliged to pay full difference between amount payed by The Insurer, and full cost of repairing the damages.
• Ordering Person is obliged to insure rented equipment on His own cost, or adding this equipment to the list of film production insurance and presenting those documents confirming this insurance. This record concerns renting in every film production.
8. In case of a delay in returning the equipment, Ordering Person is obliged to pay wages equivalent to another 24 hours of usage according to wages mentioned in the agreement.

9. Ordering Person is obliged to regulate the charge of renting by cash in BLACKFISH RENTAL in the day of returning the equipment or by bank transfer 7 days from issuing a VAT invoice. Given rental prices are net with 23% VAT tax.